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Introduction: Flip-Flop Strap Vertical Storage

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I have many worn out flip-flops. Most of them are in good condition only that their soles are flat and slippery. Sometimes I was just sitting down staring at them and thinking : "What can I make with you guys?" These days, I threw out another question : "Are you guys cool with Sugru?" I found the flip-flops straps are good and strong. I put it in my head. I put the Sugru ads in my head. I put the Glue Challenge in my head. I put the Dorm Hacks Contest in my head. I turned the power on and start blending them all in my head.

Tada... I make a vertical storage in my office (more like an attic to keep things in) which is only 4 by 4 just like a dorm.

I removed the straps and clean them to a shiny straps. Go on..

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Step 1: Materials

  • Flip-flop straps.
  • Button neodymium magnets from old tablet's cover (optional and experimental).
  • Half pack of Sugru single-use-pack (for a pair of flip-flop straps).

You only need a scissors or a knife to open the Sugru pack. Some other materials and tools are optional for further development.

Step 2: Tap, Sit Back, Relax

Put some Sugru on every node of the strap (there are three on each strap). Tap them on the wall at desired width or height depends on what you are going to hang. Well.. this is experimental and I put it in normal shape of flip-flop strap only that one is heading up and the other is heading down.

Another experiment is using magnets on top node of that one heading up. Here I used two pieces of button type neodymium magnet. Stick one magnet on the top node of the strap, and stick the other magnet on the wall. When the magnets stick to each other, it is forming a normal flip-flop strap heading upward.

Taking a look from the side, I think this is pretty cool. If we make a cupboard or storage on the wall, we make at least one foot off the wall. This straps are about 3 inches off the wall and they will free more spaces on your desk (if you hang up more stuffs).

Now sit back and relax for 24 hours. More experiment? Well, I hung a hammer -- not heavy enough -- added by a large wrench on the strap. I hung them there for another 24 hours to prove the stickiness of Sugru as those shown on its ads. Yeah, I don't want to let my valueable stuffs fall down from the wall of course. It passed the test.

Step 3: Flying Without Wings

The magnet strap has a limitation of weight to hang, depends on how strong the magnet you are using. But it also has advantage to hang circular object such as electrical tape and duct tape.

Fill up your wall. You can hang almost anything :

  • Cables
  • Multimeter
  • Mineral water
  • Phone
  • Stationary
  • Pot of plants
  • Cordless drill
  • Mallet
  • Crackers
  • Paper
  • Mini fan
  • Etc. Etc. Etc. (monitor maybe ... or hook your dog chain there so he's not going any further).
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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    It's very bright idea, I would like to try it


    Reply 3 years ago

    Go ahead. Useful tip : define what you are going to hang up there, mark the position of the nodes. Flip-flop strap is flexible. Moving the nodes or twisting the strap to get best fit holding your stuffs, but some positions may need supports before your Sugru cure in 24 hours. You don't wanna hold it there for a day, do you? :D

    Good luck with your creation and please kindly share your ideas here in the comment section ;)