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I found great teleprompter software for the Apple iPhone / ipod touch ... but the commercial brackets seemed, well, like overkill for what I wanted: a teleprompter just for my new Flip UltraHD.

Here are plans for making a teleprompter for your Flip - or other small video camera. The software is from Bodelin Technologies at the Apple App Store.

Updates will be posted at ...


Clint Bradford

Step 1: Most of the Parts ...

Step 2: The Bracket

Available at BestBuy (Dynex brand) or RitxCamera.com (Smith Victor brand).

Step 3: Bookend ...

Staples has these 5" black metal bookends.

Step 4: Position and Drill ...

Align the bookend edge so the Flip fits right to where the flash bracket starts to angle.

Step 5: 1/4" Hole ...

Drill a 1/4" hole in the bookend to accommodate the tripod mount screw.

Step 6: Replace Washer ...

Use the thin washer that comes with the bracket.

Step 7: Sticky Tape and Velcro(r)

Add a layer of double-sided stick tape between the bottom of the bookend and the top of the bracket. Makes it all more sturdy. The inch-long piece of Velcro(r) loop to the left is just to create a flat surface for the Flip to mount to.

Step 8: Mount the Flip

The Flip mounted to the bracket. Note the Velcro(r) hook added to parts of the bookend ...

Step 9: Add Velcro(r) to the Touch

Adding Velcro(r) loop to the back of a hard plastic case on the iPod touch - in this case (pun intended), an Agent18 case.

Step 10: Attach the Touch

And here's both the Flip and the touch mounted solidly to your bracet.

Step 11: Add Lighting.

A little added illumination never hurts. From BestBuy, this Dynex DX-VIDLT suits the project. But it's only powered by two AAA alkaline cells. Surely we can improve THAT, can't we?

Step 12: Alligator Clips to the Rescue!

So that I can use the light in its original state later on, I just used alligator clips on the positive and negative battery contacts ...

Step 13: Void My Warranty HERE ...

Trim a notch in the battery cover for the new leads.

Step 14: Radio Shack AA Case.

I soldered the leads directly to the battery contacts in this Radio Shack 2XAA case, instead of splicing. Just made it cleaner.

Step 15: More Velcro(r) ...

New AA case mounts to the bookend. Where would this society be without Velcro(r) and double-sided sticky tape???

Step 16: You Are Done!

Your completed Flip 'Prompter! The software for your iPhone or iPod touch is "ProPromoter" from Bodelin Technologies. Available in Apple's App Sore for $9.95 - and is well worth the investment if you want to make yourself - or your subjects - look more professional.

Step 17: Rear View.

View from the rear. Why didn't I whack off the "tongue" of the bookend? 'Cause I though i might mount something there in the future.



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    15 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The bracket was $20 ... Bookends five bucks a pair ... the lamp might have been $25. The resulting professional-looking videos? Priceless! (grin)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Job! But users may want to opt for the Kodak ZI8 since it has an external microphone jack that they can use for better audio options.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sure ... and there is an excellent add-on for audio accessories for newer Flip cameras, too.

    Blue Microphones ( http://www.bluemic.com/mikeyforflip ) announced in September a mic designed especially for Flip's digital cameras, called the Mikey for Flip. The company says that this external microphone will add professional-quality sound to videos captured by these cameras.

    The new mic is compatible with all Flip camcorders that feature the FlipPort accessory connector. The mic sports Blue Microphone's premium capsules for enhanced recording that's supposedly capable of capturing everything from a whisper to a rock concert. Users can choose between "Loud" and "Automatic" sensitivity settings.

    Mikey for Flip also features a mic input jack to support additional microphones, such as a handheld or corded interview microphone. The Mikey even has a built-in tripod mount and a wide base that can keep the Flip in the upright position, in case users want to do some hands-free recording.

    Mikey for Flip uses a AAA battery and automatically powers on when plugged into the Flip. The device will be available early next year and is slated to cost around $70, which is almost the price of the Flip camera itself.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Now I REALLY can't wait until i get a Flip camera!
    Great instructable, it's easy to follow and the pictures are clear.

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for the kind words. Although I own a Sony HD videocamera, there was just something appealing to this "no-frills" concept. I mean, you cannot add memory ... no external lenses unless you SuperGlue a step-up ring to the case ... no improvement for audio input ...

    But in medium-light to daytime outdoor lighting environments, the Flip UltraHD produces rather amazing video quality.

    Clint Bradford 

    i have the same problem my mic is on the top of my sony handicam so i added a piece of cardboard to direct the mic to the person but id still rather add a shotgun mic but thery'res no Input for it!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! I just wish everyone would put this much time and great ideas in their Instructables. Amazing idea and very resourceful. Great Job!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Step 17

    The teleprompter software used on the iPod touch is ProPrompter from Bodelin Technologies. Well worth the $9.95 - if you are serious about making yourself look better. Available at the Apple App Store.

    1 reply

    I would put that in the ible because soon this comment will be lost in the many other comments that will soon be here(or else everyone will ask).

    Great idea! (Ain't Velcro(r) wonderful?) The rigidity of that surface on this 5" bookend might not be suitable ... but the larger 7" bookends at Staples are made from thicker material.

    Well, I bought a PAIR of the 5" ones. I might whack the tongue off of one to see if I like it. But the tongue does act as a "handle" of sorts for panning ....