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Introduction: Flip Book on CD

About: Since I was 6 years I have disassembled old video players and built them in to something new, to the joy and frustration of my parents! I was 13 when I got my first car and 14 when I got my second.

I've always been fascinated by the flip book and thought it might be cool to have the same design on a CD (or on a paper plate) and make a cartoon like that.

PS this is a work in progress project, updates coming as I carry out alterations to the idea or work futer/ improving. I would love if some of you build it!

You will need:
motor the rpm have to be right, to see the cartoon properly.
glue gun
CD or paper plate

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Step 1: Mount the CD Disc

here som tips: 
1. its important that you get the CD in center of the plate (you must measure to get it properly)
2. it have to be in level

I uset a glue gun to mount the CD 

Be shure you use enough glue!

Step 2: Make the Cartoon

As you probably know, people look exactly the same only the parts that should move must be different. You have many ways to make it look the same. You can also download photos from the internet or make them in Paint.

Step 3: Put the Cartoon to the CD

I used tape to mount the paper to the CD. it`s vise to make a fold on the paper so you can tape on the fold ;) 

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    3 Discussions

    Good idea, Now if you added a LED strobe to illuminate the charactor at the right time...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    smart! I was thinking of a frame that you held up in front of pictures to just focus on one image.. but LED will work as well!