Flip Switch (nunchaku)




Introduction: Flip Switch (nunchaku)

This tutorial will help you to learn to do a flip switch with nunchaku which will be the ability to be able to throw the nunchaku around your hand while releasing one handle and catching the other as it spins around your hand.

Materials needed:

Nunchaku (foam, metal or wood)

WARNING: the use of nunchaku may cause serious injury or death.

Step 1: Holding the Nunchaku

begin by grabbing onto one of the handles close to the chain without touching it while allowing the other handle to freely hange towards the ground.

Step 2: Around Your Hand

Now to learn to throw and release and catch again we need to first practice our throw. begin by swing your arm upwards about 6 inches and then flicking your wrist to allow the chain to wrap around the back of your hand until the handle that is not being held hand on the other side of your hand. repeat this process until it becomes natural and you are able to do it with ease. Warning: the chain may pinch your skin and it wraps around your skin.

Step 3: Letting Go

now that you have learned the wrist snap and been able to get the chain around it is important that you provide the nunchaku with enough momentum to be able to swing around your hand and have the unheld handle swing into your now open hand. As you swing the nunchaku around open your hand making it flat so as to allow the chain to freely swing around your hand. As the handle comes around grab the unheld handle and the end result should be you holding onto the handle close to the chain with the other handle freely handing towards the ground.

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    Interesting fact, nunchaku are illegal in Massachusetts, New York, Arizona, and California. Sadly, I could probably write an entire instructable on things that are illegal in Massachusetts. (including empty bullet casings)