FlipNote Animation



Alright, so you need an easy, but sorta cool animation?
A flip note animation is what you're looking for.
I couldn't really think of a lot of animations at the beginning of my animation and set design class, and now that the end is really close, i'm really crunched on time.
I've always thought flip note animations were sorta neat, and simple one's can be pretty easy to do, so why not, right?

Step 1: Materials

You'll need a note pad-or sticky notes-
a writing utensil, 
a camera,
you're imagination,
and maybe some patience. 

Step 2: Step One; Your Idea.

Alright, if this is your first flip note animation i suggest doing something really simple,
for i find it can be a little frustrating.
Plan out a simple idea, what you want to happen, a story board.
Here's what mine looked like;

Step 3: Step Two; Drawing Your Animation

Alright, so you have your idea all planned out, now it's time to put it on paper; literally.
Using your notepad, or sticky notes, 
draw your first frame on the last page-or note- the second frame on the second last page,
the third frame on the third last page,
and so on.
It gets a little difficult to keep each frame consistent, what i did was trace onto each frame from the previous one, and add and/or move what needed to be.

Step 4: Step Three; Recording

So you have each frame drawn, now the rest is really simple.
get your camera ready, and fan through each page, starting at the back,
and there's your animation!

Step 5: Step Four; Editing

Now you have the video of your animation, but maybe you want to take it a step further,
edit in a few things, make some cool effects, or sounds, even music.
I use adobe premiere, which i have a tutorial for;



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