Flipbook Gif

Bored?Well why don't you try to waste your precious time to make someting useless?I mean something useful?The dig deeper into this instructable.

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Step 1: Convert

Go to www.gifprint.com and convert your files.Click the button submit and download your converted gif.(p.s:the conversion will take a very long time)

Step 2: Print

Print your PDF down.(the pages varies based on your gif duration)

Step 3: Trim & Glue

I recommend to use a paper trimmer or papaer guillotine in this part.It will make the flipbook more neat and smoother.After gluing,I clipped it down using binder clips and let it dry for a couple minutes.

Step 4: Done!Flippin' Fantastic!

Admire your hardwork and masterpiece.Waste your precious time by watching your flipbook perpetually play itself.(Beware:Very addicting!)

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