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My son is an aspiring actor/theatre major and he was hired to portray a pirate in this years Renascence Festival in Houston Texas. In researching what he needs for the role we found the cost of props and equipment will leave him with very little or no money left of his earnings. The Baldric alone can cost upwards to $150 dollars. So this frugal father presents to you my $35 alternative.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

For this project I went to Hobby Lobby and Lowes to find my materials


2 Leather work belts (Lowes)
Button studs (Hobby Lobby)
Leather rivets (Hobby Lobby-if you don't already have a setter get the kit)
Small buckles (I sourced some of my daughters old belts for these, otherwise you can get them from Hobby Lobby or cheap dog collars from a dollar store)


Leather hole punch

Wooden mallet

Heavy duty scissors

Leather awl

Step 2: Belt It Out

Ok so the first step is measuring the belts out to fit the individual it's for.

Buckle one end of one belt to the other ( see picture)

Place this on your models shoulder and measure out so it falls onto the opposite hip (see picture)

You will then cut leaving approximately 2-3 inches extra

Punch 4 holes in each end (make sure they match) remembering to leave a 2-3 inch tail (see pictures)

Rivet the two ends together

Step 3: Getting the Strap

Now I took the scrap leather and made 3 leather straps securing a buckle on the end ( I made 3, each 6 inches in length)

Remember to place holes (1/2 inch apart) on the other end of each strap

Take these straps and secure them to the extra length you left on the one end of the belt with rivets.

Step 4: Ain't That the Sheath

Now for a personalized touch I decided to add a sheath into the end of the belt to be able to carry my Kris (flame knife) in. I again took the scrap leather (end of the belt cut off in customizing size) and sewed it on using the awl. I took another piece if scrap to make a retaining strap and used a button stud.

Step 5: On the Edge

And there you have an economic Baldric. Here is my son pictured wearing his new accessory. He did not want to wear a sword so I strapped on a dagger to go with the kris. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did making it.

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The Rambler

4 years ago on Introduction

Awesome job man, and super cool idea. Looking at the original picture I couldn't even tell this wasn't a purchased baldric. We sell similar belts where I work and I'm always so intrigued as to how they can sell them so cheaply when regular belts tend to be twice as much.

1 reply
Involved Observer

4 years ago

It's a small event held by the rpg company Palladium Books. I don't really want to say what character I'm planning on cosplaying as it is a surprise - I've become somewhat notorious for my costumes at this event, and since I've pointed a few other attendees to this site, I don't want to risk giving away the surprise.

1 reply
DadimeInvolved Observer

Reply 4 years ago

Cool. Ive heard of Palladium books. Good luck. Id like to see your finished product. Im also making potion bottles, flask and a piratres bag that go with a belt to complete my sons pirate garb. Ill be posting those when im done.

Involved Observer

4 years ago

Awesome job! Thanks for posting this, I've got a cosplay next Spring that this will be perfect for.

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago

LOL. He really gets into his roles. You'll have fun.