Flipping the Card, a Magic Trick

Introduction: Flipping the Card, a Magic Trick

This card trick requires very little set up all you need is a deck of cards. There is no cutting, gluing, or taping cards. This is my first inscrutable please only constructive criticism, thank you and enjoy.

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Step 1: Set Up Part 1

In the picture you will see both sides have the back design if you have one then put it on the back of the deck

Step 2: Set Up Part 2

If you don't have a double backed card you can take any card and flip it over so it's facing a different direction than the rest of the deck

Step 3: Pick a Card, Any Card!

Let them pick a card it can be any card if the go for the bottom card the trick is ruined try to keep the spectator away from that card.

Step 4: Memorize

Have the spectator memorize the card they pick relax your hand and take the deck to your hip

Step 5: Flip

When the deck is at your hip make it flip so the bottom card with the back facing up is on top. Talk to them have them look at your face

Step 6: Slide It In

Get the spectators card and line it up with the back card do not slip it it ruins the trick. Keep the upside down card/double back lined up with deck so they can't see it is upside down.

Step 7: Relax Your Hand

When your hand is back down flip the deck once more so most cards are the same direction.

Step 8: Make Magic

Do some motion to indicate magic is happening I tap the circle in the middle, because it works with my deck find what works with you and your deck.

Step 9: Spread Out the Deck

Spread out the deck and guess what the card is upside down compared to the rest of deck. Have fun with this trick!

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    6 years ago

    Thank you I made it up
    my self it has probably made by someone else before me but I love it anyway

    This is probably my favorite card trick... having people guess how I did it is the most fun part!