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I saw an example of this on Pinterest, and of course, I thought to myself – I can make that!

My oldest boy loves Lego’s and at first, he was hesitant to sacrifice a few of his blocks, but he changed his mind when he started to help make the bottle. 
Too many times I knew he just turned on the water (when he needed to wash his hands) and did not use soap, but after we made this together, I knew he was using it.

Here’s a photo tutorial on how I made this liquid soap bottle with floating Legos.
I used:
  • A dollar store bottle of liquid soap
  • Five colorful Lego bricks
  • Empty liquid soap containers (to refill)
  • A refill bottle of Clear Liquid Hand Soap
  • Goo Gone - You can buy it from Amazon here: Goo Gone on Amazon
  • A white cloth
I bought the dollar store bottle of hand soap, that was large and also a trapezoidal shape.  I liked the shape of the bottle much better than the standard Softsoap container.

I emptied the bottle into two Softsoap containers that I had kept to eventually refill.

Next I washed the bottle and peeled the labels off.  I used a soft white cloth to wash it because I did not want to scratch the bottle.

There was an obvious residue left on the bottle so I followed the directions using Goo-Gone.  Now there is an amazing product.
BIG TIP: I still could not get the cloudiness off from the front sticker, so I did not wipe off the last coat of Goo-Gone.  As you can see from the photos, the bottle looks completely clean of residue.

I began with a layer of the clear refill soap and added a block.  We kept repeating this process until the bottle was filled. 

As the blocks floated to the top of the bottle, we used a skewer to push the blocks down.  We could have just as easily used the tip of the dispenser to push the blocks down, but I found the skewer was very precise.

Easy, cute and another thing done for the Pinterest board!

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    2 years ago

    Awesome! I totally want to do this,

    Can you use method foaming hand soap?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I believe Target has unscented clear soap.
    I like the Method unscented dish soap--it is awesome.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice for a childs bathroom. Remember to not use a fragrance soap since they can cause cancer an we would feel swick if we made our kids ill. A Health Home Has No Smell.

    6 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Are there any studies that have proved this? I read all sorts of stuff like this on the internet and about 90% of it isn't true. :/


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have MCS and know for sure it is true. It is also a growing illness that cannot be cured from these toxic chemicals. I am being sent to Uof M hospital to be like a ginny pig so they can learn from me. When your system breaks down due to chemicals there is no cure at least for now. You could do a little reseach to learn about this. Maybe search You Tube. I know I have seen a couple doctors talking about MCS on there. On TV they cannot say to much about this due to the ads paying for their programs. These companies have BIG bucks all from us and will keep making toxic products until we put our foot down and stop buying them like myself. Have you you ever stopped to think where cancer is coming from? Chemicals.....
    When we make bad choices we not only make them for ourself but for all those around us. In Detroit not to long ago a woman was ill from perfume and the employees kept using it and she got worse. She sued and won $100,000.00 but will never have her health back. The only good thing about this is that she worked in a city building and now no employee working for the city can wear perfume to work so other employees will not be ill from the toxic ingredients.

    This is a very serious disablilty and is cover under ADA act and their is lawyers who covers these cases. The first link I have enclosed has a video. Hit on the first one for info. Second link will show how someone can get an attorney if they need one for this. I am here to help anyone I can so they will not have to get where I am today. I learned the hard way and will never have my health again. Please help yourself and those around you.






    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all of the information. I'm sorry about your health condition. Most of this seems like real information (some of it's a little biased because of your health problems) except for the cancer part. Cancer can be from chemicals but not always. Cancer was (obviously) around before chemicals were used in products used for humans. Many cancers are genetic but some are caused by environmental factors such as chemicals.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sep 20, 2012. 7:01 AMMsJan says:
    Cancer is growing and so is the use of chemicals. Did you know there now is over 70,000 chemicals being used? When I was young you just did not hear the word cancer but now we all know of someone with it or have had it in our own family. My son has a lump on his pancreas right now. I looked up what causes the pancreas to swell because he gets sick to his stomach after eating and that is when the pancreas swelled. There was three reasons. A bunch of tiny stones or an ulcer located in an odd place or the use of fabric softener. He now uses no softener. My neighbor has pancreas cancer and his doctor will not allow the family to use any fabric softeners. I have read on that and found there is not one on the market that is safe for humans. All have toxins. Companies keep adding more fragrances to products because people just do not understand what they can do to them self. The companies make millions of dollars because we have been brain washed into thinking if a product is on the shelf than it must be okay...well they are NOT. The biggest name companies make much of the worse products being sold. Once your body brakes down to these chemicals there is no going back. I have to avoid anyone using fabric softeners or scented soaps or scented laundry products and other things. Avoidance is the only way for me not to get worse. People do not understand since this is not a popular illness yet but it is on the increase and doctors are now studying it but all still say the only help is AVOIDANCE. When people make choices to wear or use perfume,etc. they just do not make that choice for them self but for all those around them. Have no idea why woman have to put so much on the whole room knows. The best thing to do with these products is stop buying them and toss out what you have. A Healthy Home Has No Smell. Open your window and let the fresh air in...it is even FREE....


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I still don't think that all chemicals are bad for people. I think that we should stop using carcinogenic chemicals but some chemicals are fine. Also, most household chemicals won'y cause cancer. The main cause of chemicals causing cancer is cigarettes and the next one is the workplace because many workplaces use chemicals and prolonged exposure to some of the chemicals can cause cancer.

    Check out this website: http://www.cancer.org/acs/groups/content/@epidemiologysurveilance/documents/document/acspc-031941.pdf

    This proves that most cancer have stayed the same or declined since the 1930s (except lung cancer). I do think that lung cancer has been on the rise because of the number of people that smoke cigarettes and give other people second hand smoke.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, You still need to learn more. They now know that fragrances can be ten times worse for you than cigarette smoking. This is just beginning to come into focus. Doctors are just beginning to be trained on this. It is increasing each day so they are now studying it. You will become more aware as time goes on but if you want your family and people you love to be healthy you will avoid these toxic products. Also I am not saying to smoke.... I cannot be near that either. Please do not respond again. It is upsetting for me to keep trying to get people to understand. Some people do not see outside of the box until it is to late .


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow what a simple thing - and it looks so awesome! :) Thanks for the instructable..my son would love this.