Float in Outer Space!

Fast and simple way to make it look like you are floating in space!

Step 1: You Will Need to Download One App for This, KnockOut- It's Free.

Step 2: Open Up the App and Click ''cut Out''

Step 3: Take a Picture of Yourself Doing a Goofy Pose, It's Better to Make It Look Like You Are Floating.

Step 4: Select the 'lasso' Feature and Outline Your Picture.

Step 5: Now Select the 'erase' Feature and Erase Any Other Parts That Are Not Your Body.

Step 6: Save It and Go Back to the Home Screen, Click the Blend Feature.

Step 7: Now Go Find a Background You Like and Select Your Picture and Then Drag It Over the Background.

Step 8: I Made Another, Once You Have One Picture of Yourself There's Endless Possibilities.

Step 9:

Hope you enjoyed!



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    2 years ago

    If you're on PC I highly recomend GIMP. It's 100% free and as powerful as Photoshop.

    Shoot! I use Android. I beginning to think I should make the switch. We Androids always seem to get the backseat on things.

    Thanks though,