Floating Camera Mount for Underwater Video




Introduction: Floating Camera Mount for Underwater Video

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This is a simple camera mount for under water video, that floats to the surface if you drop it. I got the idea from a mixture of different mounts and bobbers but a good bit of the credit for the idea goes too mcogan and their Underwater camera mount. Hopefully this is use full to you and you have fun making it!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Materials: One small pop bottle (I think I used 250ml)

One 1/4 inch bolt, two matching nuts and one washer

Tape (Only if you are painting)

Spray paint (Also only if you are painting) I used a form of truck Bedliner for more grip

Camera an underwater one if you are using it for that

Tools: Drill with 1/4 in bit or a sharp pointed knife

Screwdriver to match the bolt you use

Pliers or wrench to match the nut you are using

Step 2: Drill Hole in Cap

Simply drill or shave out a hole with your knife or drill in the center of the lid. Easy eh

Step 3: Attach Camera Mount

Now put one nut on the bolt then push the bolt through the cap, Now put a washer on the bolt then the last nut and tighten well with your screwdriver and pliers. Now you are done, If you want to paint it go to the next step. If not Thank you for reading hope this is useful to you!!

Step 4: Optional Step/Paint

Now if you want to paint it, all you have to do is wrap tape tightly around the bolt on top but not the nut, Then hang it from something and spray the paint on in short blasts about 5 to 10 inches away from the bottle and then let it dry for at least 24 hours. Once the paint is dry it is ready to use.

Step 5: You're Done!!

Now you've finished and its time to go use it, Have fun and enjoy the nice smooth video you will get!! Thanks for reading!! Hopefully this is useful to you!!



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    41 Discussions

    How does it actually float? It would be nice if you could leave it floating on the surface still filming?

    6 replies

    This is precisely what I wanted to comment on: this would work under (although being more of a safety device than a mount, due to it being inherently unstable), but for the surface I would scale it up considerably: basically the same but made with a PVC pipe, completely sealed, and no less than two inches by four or five feet (remember that the deeper it goes, the less it is subject to wave movement), and with a basket in the lower end for attaching diving leads (twice the camera weight just for making the floating tripod go upright, and some more for making it steadier and making the camera hang lower).

    Thinking about it, I believe that, if you weight it down to neutral buoyancy, it could be a diving equivalent to a steadycam harness.

    It defeats the purpose of your current instructable, but I find the possibilities intriguing.

    Do make sure to mail me if you do it: I want to see it.

    That sounds good. I will try the bottle for now, I also have a float bag for clothes etc so could also put the bottle on this too. I think though your pipe idea is best as the low height of this bottle when upright, waves will make it a very choppy video!

    Sand weighing slightly more than the camera was the above solution You could even just travel empty than fill at the beach!! But as it is empty it floats up upside down...I like it better with no sand because the camera is under water when it floats up and I get cool videos but you need auto rotate on your camera to do that.

    Sure thanks, I just read that comment! Will be interesting to try it out. Could even easily tie a strong cord or string to it if swimming etc!

    polaroid camera?. I was looking at getting the same would you recommend it and how's the footage and pictures thanks for the guide

    4 replies

    It is an amazing camera way better than my friends go pro honestly... has much higher megapixels than go pro and a much better user inter face too. Here is a comparison page http://www.gizmag.com/2013-actioncam-comparison-guide/30064/ The poloroid one ranks higher in almost everything!!

    I have a go pro, not filmed it for action yet, want to do some water/underwater films. I did a few driving shot videos on youtube though. I am happy with the quality so far....

    Im not putting the go pro down by any means it is an exceptional camera with tons of accessories... I just much prefer The sixteen megapixels over twelve no case needed underwater and much higher sound quality etc But don't get me wrong I do want a go pro as I would have much more accessories and more information if something stopped working etc But I do still like my poloroid camera much better. Its much cheaper too

    Sure the go pro result look great the later versions that is. But yes the polaroid is so much cheaper and does the things I want it to do! :)

    Great 'ible!!

    You could take this one step further & make a floating mount that will keep your camera upright when it's floating. Just add sand to the bottle before you seal the cap on. The weight of the sand will need to be more than the weight of your camera to stay upright but it should make for some interesting water-level videos.

    4 replies

    Good idea! Might want to add a little resin to your sand so it sticks to, and stays in, the bottom.

    Or you could leave it loose. That way you can use it for just under the surface, too, by shaking the sand to the "top" of the bottle

    Thank you!! I cant wait to make another one and add some weight to try that idea!! That is going to make some cool video!!

    pretty sure that at 25 miles depth, he ain't gonna care...

    1 reply