Floating Island (dessert) in Blood




About: M-am nascut nu demult, traiesc si voi trai inca un timp! Intre timp, lucrez, lucrez si ma mai distrez din cand in cand. Cred ca e de bine, nu?!

There is some confusion about the name. In French cuisine, the terms œufs à la neige ("eggs in snow") and île flottante (floating island) are sometimes used interchangeably. But the name doesn’t really matter, the taste is more important. Sweet … but now for Halloween we offer it in a bloody version.

This recipe is for 2 buckets, you can change the amount of items for the eggs in snow.

Ingredients: 15 eggs, 5 liter of milk, 7-8 vanilla powder, 1kg of sugar, red and black food coloring powder or gel

The egg whites are beaten with sugar and poured into a mould, then add a red and black food coloring powder to it until you get a darker red colour.

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Step 1: Prepare the Milk

In a pot put the milk and boil it. In the meantime the egg yellow can be mixed with vanilla and sugar. After it is mixed, colour it with more red and only a small amount of black colour. Then mix it with the boiled milk.

Step 2: Final Step

Take a small amount of molds with a teaspoon and place it into the milk. Do this until you finish the mold. Serve it cold. You can put it into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Serve It ...

When all is done, serve it in glasses. Of course people will think it creepy. :)

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