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Introduction: Floating Key Chain

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Floating key chain criteria

- Not bulky, fit in my shorts pockets without bulking up
- Floats - off course :-)
- Inexpensive and easy to build
- Can be returned if found

If you follow the instructions it will take you 5 mins of actual work, but a few hrs of drying time. See pictures and you wont need to read the instructions. Do read my tips to make things go smoother

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Step 1: Material

- Clear vinyl tubing - the one I had lying around was 1/8 inch thick, inner diameter = 5/8 inch, and outer diameter = 3/4" - Home depot
- Key ring
- Piece of paper
- Glue - I used PVC glue but I think vinyl or super glue may work better

- Vice
- scissors or excato knife
- paracord
- reflective tape or vinyl paint
- gorilla glue

Step 2: Build It

For 1 key and 1 ring key chain:  Cut 4.5 inch length of tube, use PVC glue on one side.  Use 1/2 inch of tube in the clamp and clamp tight overnight. I found that PVC glue took a while to bond on vinyl
Write your name and phone number (if you want the finder to give it back) on a piece of paper 3x2 inches and make a scroll. Put it in from the open side of the tube, keeping your name and number visible, if possible. If not fully visible, hopefully the finder has  the sense to cut the tube and get your details.
You can use small clear tape to keep the scroll from opening up

Use glue on the open end and clamp it shut. Clamp 1/2 inch of the tube and make a nice clean bond. You will need some space to drill a hole to add the key ring.
Drill a hole in the 1/2 inch part and run the key ring through it. Add the key to the key ring. The key should float vertically,  with the bottom sticking up.
Color the bottom that is sticking up so that it is visible if dropped in the lake. You can get creative and put designs on it or put messages in the tube.

Step 3: TIPS

- Use a little bit of glue but enough to make a good seal. Too much glue will get messy inside.
- 3.5 inches of column of air will take 1 ring and 1 key, add another  2 inches if you want to add another key.
- To increase the floatation. You could wrap a floating fly  fishing line or a floating paracord. I will try and post pics when available
- If you are using a different sized tube and want to know how much tube you'll need, just  glue and clamp one end as mentioned in the first step. Add the key and key ring and slowly let it submerge. Mark the water level and give an inch or so more . Then cut the tube.

Hope you enjoyed!

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