Floating LED Butterflies

This is my first Instructable, unfortunatly i seem to have lost some of the images that i took of the steps taken how ever this is how it was made.

I wanted a night light for my 2 year old daughter but something different. The end result was better then i hoped for , a little on the bright side but none the less it put a smile on her face and thats all that counts at the end of the day.

The whole process took about a month and a lot of trial and error as im not electrical minded.

Thanks in advance for looking.

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Step 1: Steps Taken

Step 1 , 100x 2mm Steel butterflies lasercut ( i wanted something that would last ) and painted

Step 2 , drilled holes in the center and put verious length bolts and nuts

Step 3 , I had a old door lying around and thought it would be perfect as i could remove the back side and the cardboard mesh inside to conceal the wires

Step 4 , I used a cardboard box to draw the layout and the placement for the butterflies

Step 5 , Drill the hole for the butterflies and the 5mm hole for the LEDs and attach the buterflies to the door.

Step 6 , Solder the resistors and 5mm LEDs for each butterfly so that i can connect direct to a 12volt adaptor

Step 7 , Insert the LEDs into the 5 mm hole that was drilled and connect them to the 12volt adaptor.

Step 8 , Mount the door to the wall and plug in the lights.

Step 2:

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    3 years ago

    This turned out really cool! Does each butterfly have it's own LED under it?

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