Floating Lakitu Cloud Lamp




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I felt that I had to do this one before the others in honor the President of Nintendo. I grew up knowing what kind of person that I was and what interests me the most because of him. and video games period. RIP Iwata. You will be missed terribly...
Cloud lamp tutorials already exist. I know. But no Cloud Lamp would exist completely without Lakitu's Cloud! Learn how to make your own spike bomb free glowing pal that could be under your budget! Great for parties, Home decor, nightlight, whatever! I used LED tealights but you could other types of LEDs as long as the watts aren't too high. I got almost all of my supplies listed in the video from my local art store. Mainly Michaels and Joanns. You can find the LED tealights on Amazon. :)

Click the link below to watch the Tutorial on How to make your Lakitu Cloud Lamp. I hope you enjoy the video and have fun!

Floating Lakitu Cloud Lamp

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    diy tech

    4 years ago

    that's awsome. great job. watch out for falling spikes tho.