Floating Lettuce Planter

Introduction: Floating Lettuce Planter

Simple recycled Floating lettuce planter

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Step 1: Materials

1.Plastic net box - or any similar box that you find

2.Water Sealed box bit larger then the plastic net box- i used Styrofoam box but it can be plastic one as well

3.Styrofoam or any other floating material that comes with any new electronic device pack now days.

4.analog electronic timer.

5. water pump




Step 2: Assembly

1.clean the hydroton with fresh water

2.connect the plastic net box with the floating material

3.fill the net box with hydroton

4.Make small holes in the water hose

5.Place the pump in the Big box fill with fresh water - connect it to the electronic timer - let it pump 15 min every 3 Hours.

6.place the floating net box above the water pump - make sure it floats above the pump level

7. place the hose on top of the hydroton. make sure no water are getting out of the system.

8.scatter the seeds - add nutrients-place the system next to light window- and wait.....

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    Nice design. I have been thinking about making a deep water culture system for lettuce myself.