Floating Pen Holder



Introduction: Floating Pen Holder

Snatch your pen out of mid air and throw it back when done. This is levitation made simple, without the need for a steady hand.

You will need:

- A pen (less weight,the better)
- A strong magnet: For the greatest gap use two neodymium magnets.
- Some string
- Some tape

  1. Tape or tie the string to the pen.
  2. Tape the magnet to the top of the pen.
  3. Attach the top magnet to a hanging surface with either tape or by using a metal surface
  4. Carefully let the pen magnet closer to the hanging surface while keeping tension on the string.
  5. When the maximum gap is obtained that still supports the weight of the pen is achieved, tape the string to the surface.
In my design, I use a little metal nut that I loop the bottom of the string around for ease and control, like on a sailing boat.

That's it! Enjoy!

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