Floor Energy

Introduction: Floor Energy

Today, we are dependent to non-renewable energy, but there is a lot of clean energy wasted every day, created by us. The millions of people walking in main hallways and public areas of the city provide a great opportunity to promote energy awareness, while harvesting energy normally wasted. The main goal is to increase awareness of sustainable practices, which is accomplished through the floor itself.

In order to do this, we use the main characteristics of the piezoelectric materials, that is, when the crystal is strained, the center atom displaces from its lattice site and creates a potential difference in the crystal.

Step 1: Materials

The materials we used are:

3 - 40 * 40 * 5 cm wood planks

1 – 40 * 40 * 5 cm aluminium box

9 – piezoelectric generators

5m - wire

4 - springs

Step 2: Prototype

The prototype is made using one of the wooden planks as platform that holds one of the springs in each one of the corners. The other planks will be secured on top of the platform and the springs will support the aluminium box on top of them. The piezoelectric generators will be wired on top of the platform and will be activated by sticks suspended from the aluminum box.

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