Floor Shelf




Introduction: Floor Shelf

Hello guys, in this project we will make a floor shelf. The dimensions of the shelf is about 175 cm high and the distance between each shelf is 40 cm.

As you can notice from the photo, the width of each of horizontal shelf is decreasing as we go up.

So, lets get started with this project.

Note: this project was made in FABLAB Dhahran by Hussain Alhudhud

Step 1: Requirements

For this project we will need :

  • MDF or plywood. ( 18mm thickness)
  • Wood glue.(optional)
  • Wood paint (or any other finishing material)
  • Sanding paper.
  • CNC machine

Step 2: Design

Attached with this step the original design with all the dimensions. You can always make your own adjustments and changes depending on the look or the size you like.

Step 3: Finishing

You can customize the finishing the of this project depending on the look and the color of the place you are planing to use this shelf in.

plywood with wood stain will give it amazing look and feel. I started by sanding all the edges to get clean and smooth edges.

After that I used black paint and this is the final look of the project.



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    8 Discussions

    How can you make this without a CNC?

    Do you need to stabilize it in some way? I love the look and the simplicity.

    2 replies

    Thanks :) .

    not at all., the material we used is heavy enough to stabilize it.

    I think I will build one to replace a useless end table that I have never liked. Thanks.