Floor Disco Ball

Introduction: Floor Disco Ball

This is an easy to make disco ball it's ment to be a floor becuase it's only half a circle so it fits best on the ground.

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Step 1:

need a balloon

Step 2:

you need to cut newspaper into strips that are about an inch by 6 inch

Step 3:

next you make paper mache paste by mixing flour water and elmers glue together eye ball the amount then dip the strips into the paste and onto the top half of the balloon.

Step 4:

let it dry outside and do about 4 layers of newspaper

Step 5:

once the paper mache is done carefully remove it from the balloon.

Step 6:

now you poke or drill holes into the newspaper with a pencil,screw ,or a drill bit

Step 7:

get a led light and put it on a crumpled piece of aluminum foil to reflect light.

Step 8:

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