Floppy Disk Bank



store more then 1.44mb

Step 1: Materials

1. 6  3.5 floppy disk

2. small Flathead screwdriver

3. glue gun

4. razor bald

5. push pen

6. tape

Step 2: Top of Bank

step 1. remove the metal tab of the floppy drive

step 2. use the small flat head screwdriver to pry open the edges.

step 3. after it is opened up, remove the black disk around the metal circle.

step 4. reassemble floppy disk, make sure to put the spring back in so the bank would be able to close.

Step 3: Bottom of the Bank

step 1. disassemble floppy disk

step 2 . remove black disk and the metal circle

step 3. push the push pen threw the center of the circle then use the razor bald to cut out the circle, make it smooth to prevent cuts. (be careful with razor blade)

step 4. reassemble floppy disk

Step 4: Floppy Disk Powers Go, Shape of a Box

glue 4 floppy disk to the inner edge of the bottom disk, then glue the top on.
remove glue spider webs and cover the bottom hole with tape.

make sure not to glue the metal tabs.

(Be careful with the hot gun)

Step 5: Every Penney Counts


slide back the metal tab to insert cash money!!!.

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