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Introduction: Floppy Disk Ipad Sleeve/Stand

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I few years back I posted a project making use of old floppy disks, however I still have a pile of disks left over.  I remember seeing imanalchemist'sFloppy Disk Bag and figured that would be a great way to use up some of those disks.  I didn't really need a messenger bag, I wanted something smaller, a sleeve for my laptop and Ipad. 

I took a slightly different approach in assembling my sleeve, first I sewed the material and stitched the disks on directly.  I realized when making my bag, I could also convert it into a stand by folding over the front flap and wedging it between the two rows of disks on the back (kind of my own version of an Ipad smart cover.)

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Step 1: What You Will Need

  • sturdy fabric
  • floppy disks ( I used 12)
  • cord
  • keyboard key
  • elastic cord
  • sewing machine
  • large sewing needle
  • Dremel

Step 2: Measure Fabric

I had first intended to make this sleeve for my laptop.  Then I got an Ipad too, conveniently my Acer Aspire laptop has almost the same width and height as my laptop, the only difference is that the laptop is thicker.  I decided to make the sleeve fit both devices (to use with the Ipad, I placed a piece of foam inside to make up the difference in thickness).

I cut the fabric 12x27 inches in size, this gives room for a hem.  This fits the laptop/Ipad sideways and has a flap in the front.

Step 3: Sew Fabric

To form the bag, first I hemmed the edges of the fabric.  Then I folded over the bottom halfway up the length, pinned and sewed it in place.

Step 4: Drill Floppy Disks

Six floppy disks fit on the front and back surface of the sleeve.  I needed two holes on each side of the disk, I used the existing hole for the write protect and drilled two holes on the bottom (where there already is an indent).

Step 5: Sew on Floppies

With the thick cord I sewed the floppy disk on to the backside of the sleeve and the flap (I didn't sew any to the front).  I connected the two disks in the centre of each row to the ones on the side, but did not connect the rows. 

Step 6: Toggle

To hold the flap closed I used a keyboard key as a toggle,  First I attached cord to the key with epoxy glue.  Once the glue had cured, I sewed it to the centre, bottom of the sleeve.  I then sewed a loop of elastic to the flap which lines up with the toggle.

Step 7: Using It As a Stand

To use it as a stand, lay the sleeve out flat, take the front flap and wedge the edge between the two rows of floppies in the back.  The toggle help keeps the Ipad or laptop from sliding.

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