Floppy Disk Mosaic




The use of floppy disks are a great way to incorporate old school materials that are barely seen anymore into modern day art. This project is for people who enjoy creating art and/ or having art that reminds them of a period of time in music.

Step 1: Materials

Floppy Disks

Spray Paint

Hot glue/ hot glue gun

White cardboard

Step 2:

a. Determine the size of your art piece, and figure out how many floppy disks it will take to fill up the board.

b. Take the floppy disks out to an open area outside or inside, where spray painting will be appropriate. Place a mat down, lay the disks out and begin spray painting the disks in any color or pattern you desire.

c. Allow everything to dry out completely before moving them - approximately 10-15 minutes max.

Step 3:

a. Arrange all of the floppy disks on your back board.

b. After arranging them in the way that you want them, start to hot glue the disks to the board. Make sure all the disks are glued on tight.

c. Lastly, you can use another board and carve something like a skyline or anything you’d like and glue that on to make it look a little more sophisticated.



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    2 years ago

    What a great use of old floppy disks! Thanks for sharing!