Floppy Disk Notebook




Introduction: Floppy Disk Notebook

In this video, I give you some pretty simple instructions for making a Floppy Disk Notebook. I was reading Makezine a few weeks ago and I decided to follow through with their re-make. I think I did a rather poor job on the one in the video.

I would probably recommend buying a small pad or using post-its rather than cutting paper up. The cutting process can be messy unless you have a long-arm paper cutter.



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    Nice idea, for an easier method clamp the paper and floppies as a book then drill the two holes for the ties through the whole lot in one go ,no need to punch the paper!

    Lol, i know the gilateen you are talking baout. Those things are amazing! I had some fliers made up they used the gilateen to cut the papers in half.

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    whenever i use one ofe those gilateens i have an uncontrolable urge to say "Off with it's head!" nice job on the instructable.

    I made mine and it is so useful! *blur for security reasons

    note pad.jpg

    If you don't mind using only one side of the paper, you could recycle scrap paper for this. :-)

    Nice, i like this, youve done well, i work at a printers, so i can get the guys on the big gulituines to cut me up some papers!