Floppy Disk Planters




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floppy disk planter is a good way to arrange floppies in stylish way that gives message. they are made from a floppy cube.

Step 1: Materials-

  • six floppy disks
  • adhesive
  • cutter
  • plant

Step 2: Preparing-

cut the metal circle thing from the floppy an it will leave a hole in the floppy you can use cutter.

Step 3: Forming a Cube

pour some adhesive on one edge of one floppy and paste in on the edge of other floppy .it will take time to dry .after it will dry pour some adhesive on one edge of base floppy and adjacent edge of wall floppy.continue this process till it will make a cube without top.

Step 4: Adding the Top

now you can place the top (the one with a hole)one top.but don't glue it.you can use masking tape to join the top .join from only one edge.take out the stickers from the box and use permanent marker to write a message.

Step 5: Planting

open that top and place the plant in the cube .and paste the sticker on the floppy front.

Step 6: Finished

your planter is ready .you can place it anywhere and it is a good gift too!



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    What are these floppy disks and where do you find them?


    2 years ago

    Great idea! Now I have something to do with my hundreds of old floppy disks!