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This is a wallet i thought of while sitting at my computer looking at the wallet competition. Basically it is a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk which you take apart and put back together and put money in. It's pretty small and has a bit of bend in it. Also This is my first instructable and I am sorry if someone else has already done this and i have not seen it. And sorry for some of the bad pictures, they were taken at night in a really badly lit room. It is very simple and they do not take too long to make. I am entering this in the wallet challenge so please be honest about what you think and any tips you could give me as it's my first time.

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Step 1: Getting All Your Stuff

This really doesn't require many tools to make it but you basically just need:

1 A small flathead screw driver
2 A floppy disk
3 At least 5 small screws
4 Screwdriver to fit the small screws
5 Glue gun and glue (optional)

So you go out and get this stuff and then come back ready to make it

Step 2: What to Do

First you have to prise the black (or whatever coloured) cover bit off the end of the floppy. You can do this by inserting a small screwdriver under the end or just by lifting it with your fingers. See the image if you don't really understand. Then you take that bit completely off and keep it somewhere.

Step 3: Still Going

Now you have to take the floppy apart. For any one who was interested in what was inside and has already done this (like me) you do not have to read this if you don't want. For any one else: Insert the head of your small flathead screwdriver in between the join of the two halves of the floppy. Then carefully slid the screwdriver around and you should snap the corner glued bits and prise both halves apart. Sorry for not having any pics of this step. It should now look like the pic. You do not have to keep the spring but you may be able to use it for other instructables or you may even be able to improve this so that it has a sliding lock or something.

Step 4: Almost There

Now that you have taken the floppy apart it is time to put it back together. First though you can glue the black disk thing to the inside of the floppy on the side that the hole in the hard plastic cover is. You do not have to do this, i did not, but if you would like it to be a bit more secure you can. After you do this you have to screw the halves back together (with the black disk still inside). As you can see in the picture you have three or four (mine had four) on the bottom and one on each side halfway up. Sorry but the picture in this is upside down. It is easier to screw them through if you drill a small hole first but you may be able to do it without doing this.

Step 5: Completion

YOU HAVE FINISHED Yay now you can celebrate. To use the wallet pull the top edges apart with your fingers or squeeze together corners and slide your money and other wallety stuff in on the side of the black disk away from the hole. When your money etc. is in push the top edges back together and place the black cover thing that you took off at the start back on. Doing this not only makes it look like a floppy disk again, retro and cool, but also keeps the top closed to stop your stuff from sliding out and disguises it so if someone tries to take your wallet they will think it is just an old floppy disk and not take it. Some floppy disks have metal cover things instead of plastic ones and I am sure that these would make a cooler wallet but it is up to your own personal choice what you use. As i said previously I am sure someone would be able utilise the spring as part of it and because many of you are not from Australia I am not sure how well other currency will fit in. You can also etch stuff on to it and personalise it with pens and so on. If your screw's pointy ends are sticking out you can hacksaw or file them off to make them flush with the floppy disk at make them smooth. Have fun showing off your wallet and i hoped you liked this idea. Please respond and all that as it is entered in the Wallet Competiton.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Or you could be AWESOME (er) and make a desktop out of colorful floppy disks


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a brilliant idea, like most of the ideas on this web site. =)


    11 years ago on Step 5

    Not too bad, it does look a but awkward to use, but i think its a great idea!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Alright Idea. This could be developed into something really cool. I think the best idea here is the use of the black sliding thingy as a latch.

    1 reply

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Mmm yeah I like the idea of making a wallet out of a floppy disk. It would be good to somehow hinge and fasten it without the screws, and using that slidey bit as a latch is a sweet idea. Just so it looks like a normal disk so there is less temptation for someone to steal it, but you'd want to make sure you didnt mistake it for an old disk and threw it away or something.. that would be lame.


    maybe you should have hinged the bottom somehow (packing tape or otherwise) use magnets to keep it closed voila! i was kind of excited when i saw floppy disk wallet, but to be honest i was a little underwhelmed at the execution.

    1 reply

    Yeah ok maybe i should have thought of using packaging tape but one of the reasons i made it like i did was so that it still looked essentially like a floppy disk, so that its secret and if your into computers, like some of my friends are it will retain most of it's retroness. Good ideas about the magnets though but because it was a short competition i did not have enough time to think of this as i wanted to get it up quickly. Hopefully some other people will give me a better rating but thanks for looking anyway.