Floppy Powered PCI Slot Case Fan

Although the floppy disk is nearly extinct, many PSUs still have floppy power connectors. At a loss with what to do with them? Use them to cool off your tower by hacking a PCI Slot Case Fan!

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Step 1: For This Simple Hack, You Need:

A cheap "PCI Slot Case Cooler" (can be had <$10 on newegg)
An unwanted floppy drive
Small Pliers
Soldering Gun
Shrink Tube or Electrical Tape

Step 2: Prepare the Connector

Use the pliers to carefully snap off the power connector on the floppy drive.
Break off the pieces of the board until you are left with only the plastic connector and 4 pins.
Use the soldering gun to assist in cleaning the old solder off of the pins.

Step 3: Prepare the Fan

Cut and strip the 4-pin molex from the fan
(Save that molex cable, it could be useful in future hacks!)

Step 4: The Final Touch

To avoid any unwanted contact, I recommend removing two of the pins.
Which to remove it up to you, yellow is 12v and red is 5v DC; both blacks are Ground.
I ran mine at 12v and it was too noisy for my taste, so I went with the 5v configuration as shown.
(Note: the pins can be moved from one slot to another in the connector, this isn't a permanent decision.)
Solder the wires to the pins, then shrink tube or tape them to avoid shorting.

Install into your case and enjoy!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    hey, that's a really great idea! I don't know anyone who uses floppy disks (except hardcore gangsters), so that's pretty sweet. but I could never use it, because I opened up my computer case because it looks cool (and keeps it cool), and I don't have a floppy drive.

    2 replies