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I've been crocheting a lot lately and I am slowly getting better at it, learning new stitches, trying new patterns...I must admit that it's fun!

I love lace and this pattern reminds me very much of one. It's repetitive so it can also be used to create a belt or, who knows, whatever your fantasy comes up with!
I used a crochet hook number 4 (1.75) and cotton number 5.

Happy crocheting!! :D

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Step 1: Stitches

List of stitches used for this bracelet:
  • chain stitch
  • slip stitch
  • single crochet - sc
  • double crochet - dc

Step 2:

Start making a slipknot.
Chain 13 and slip stitch in the slipknot.

Chain 3 and make 25 dc all around the circle.
Slip stitch in the third chain you made previously.

Step 3:

Make a sc in the first dc, another sc in the next dc and chain 1.
Continue this way until you have 6 couples of sc. You will reach the middle of the circle this way.

We are going to make one half of the flower first and the second half later.

So, chain 6 and turn. Make a sc in the third sc of the previous row.
Keep doing this until you reach the last sc and turn.

These will be the petals of your flower.

Step 4:

Make 6 sc all around the first petal and finally make another sc in the sc of the previous row (the one between the petals).

Do the same for all 5 petals.

Once you have reached the last stitch of the last petal, make a sc in the first sc of the second half of the flower.

Step 5:

Now you have to do the same exact thing for the second half of the flower.

So, keep making 2 sc and 1 chain until you reach the other half and turn.
Chain 6 and make a sc between all the petals just like you did before.
Turn and complete the petals making 6 sc in each and a sc between them.

Your first flower is done!

Step 6:

What you have to do now, is making as many "half flowers" as you need to make it long enough for your wrist, or whatever you are making it for.

So chain 6 and turn.
Make a sc in the 4th sc of the previous petal to close the half circle.

Chain 3 and turn.
Make 12 dc all around the half circle and close with a sc in the 4th sc of the first flower's petal, the one next to the petal you started to work on in this step.

Step 7:

Chain 1 and turn.
Make 2 sc and 1 chain, 2 sc and 1 chain etc. until you reach the end of the half circle.

Now create the petals just like you did in the first flower:
chain 6 and turn. Make a sc in the third sc of the previous row.
Continue this way until you have 5 petals and turn.

Complete the petals making 6 sc in each petal and another sc between them.

I know I've been repetitive but that's the way the pattern is, so keep making these half flowers until you think that your work is long enough! :)

Step 8:

Once you have finished to make all the flowers you need, you have to think of a way to close the bracelet...and there are many!
You can simply add a button to be able to open and close the bracelet easily. Or use your favorite method!

I decided to make this bracelet round so that I don't have to open and close it all the time.
To do this, chain 6 and make your chains pass through one of the petals of the first flower.
Finally close it making a slip stitch in the petal of the penultimate half flower.

Secure and cut the thread...

you now have a brand new handmade bracelet!! :)

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    Just made this for my daughter and it was a hit. Thanks for posting.


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    Thank you!!

    I've just seen your lamps and they are really beautiful! I hope to see more ibles from you :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE This - it is so cute!! I need to make this sometime! Thanks for sharing the Instructable! :)

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    Linda I never understood crochet, but I love the creations. Yours is very elegant & beautiful :[).
    Thanks. You are awesome.

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