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I've always liked to paint my nails and draw something cute on them. Lately, I am starting to be addicted to floral print, so I tried to do floral nails. I got so many compliments for these nails. All of my friends and even my manager at work have been asking how I did them because they seem so hard to make. It is easy, and I am sure you can do it too.

Materials needed:

  1. Pen/pencil or a toothpick

  2. Colorless nail polish as a base coat

  3. Light-cream color

  4. Beige color (optional)

  5. Red or pink color

  6. Green color

Step 1: Use of Materials and Nail Polishes

If you want to get special tools for nail art, you can buy it on amazon, Here's the link:

It cost less than $3.

Step 2: Apply Colorless Base Coat

You can apply 1 coat of it.

Wait 2-3 minutes till it dries.

Step 3: Apply Light-cream Color As Your Background

You can apply 1-2 coats, but I applied 2 coats.

Wait around 5 minutes till it dries.

Step 4: (Optional) Apply Some Other Light Color

This is an optional step. You can apply some other light polish to your ring or index finger. I used light lime color to my ring finger as a background.

Wait around 5 minutes till it dries.

Step 5: Draw Dots With Beige Color

The dots will be the base for the flowers, it will make the flowers to stand out a little bit more. It is even better if dots are not perfect, they basically look like bad shaped circles. You can draw 3 dots on thumbnail and 2 dots on the rest of the fingers. But if you don't have beige nail polish you can skip this step.

Wait around 2-3 minutes till it dries.

Step 6: Use Red and Pink to Draw Flowers

I used red and pink color to draw flowers, but you can use any other color to draw flowers, it can be blue, orange or purple. Also, to draw flowers I used a special nail tool to draw on nails, but if you don't have that you can use a pen, pencil or a toothpick.

Step 7: Draw Curvy Lines

Again, it is even better if these lines are not perfect. You can draw 3 lines making a circle and 3 smaller lines/dots inside the line-circle. The messier lines are the more it will look like flowers...

Step 8: Draw Leafs

Using green color draw 2-3 little lines around the flower, and again lines do not have to be straight and perfect.

Step 9: Apply Colorless Polish

Wait around 1-2 minutes till it dries. Then, apply colorless polish to finish the look, it will make the nails look more glossy and shiny.

Step 10: ▒▓ Finish ▓▒


Side Note:

* You Can mix and match different color as well. For example, you can make your background black and the flowers white. You can just play with the colors and find you taste and preference for this kinds of print.

I hope it would not be too hard for you to make these, all you need is patience and practice!

Good Luck ♥♪♫~



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    3 years ago

    WOW I could never do mine as good as yours but I can't wait to try!!!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, such a steady hand! I'm surprised you don't get roped into painting models of racecars and the like. Very pretty nails, those flowers are nicely done!

    1 reply