Floral Window Decoration

Introduction: Floral Window Decoration

In this easy, do-it-yourself project, you’ll be able to create a decorative wall-hanging to brighten up and window or wall in your home. This project is a bit timely - requiring about 1-2 hours but it is a cheap way to add some color to any room! As a college student, my roommates and I are always looking for ways to decorate our apartment without breaking the bank. This project is a perfect way to do that!

What You’ll Need:
Tissue Paper


Hemp String (or any kind of string)

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

2 Nails


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Step 1: Cut the Hemp String

Step 1.Measure the width of the window that you will be covering.
Step 2. Add 6 inches to this length For example, if you measured the width to be 12 inches. You would add six more inches - ending up with a width of 18 inches.
Step 3. Cut a piece of hemp string to this length. Set this piece of string aside, you won’t use it again until the very end. This piece will run across the top of your window.
Step 4: Tie a loop at the end of both sides of this string. Tip: This needs to be a small loop, only large enough to fit over a nail.
Step 5. Measure from the top of the window to the bottom. In our case, our window was exactly 4 feet long.
Step 6. Cut 7 pieces of string to the length that you measured in step 4.
Tip: It is better to cut your string too long, rather than too short. Step 7: Collect all of our string pieces and set aside.

Step 2: Create Your Floral Patterns.

You will need to create 7 different floral designs with your tissue paper (1 to go with each string the you cut earlier).

In this part of the project, you can decide whether you would like each color of tissue paper to have the same design or if you would like to change them up. For our project, we have chosen to create different flowers.

Step 1. Choose the first color of tissue paper that you would like to start with.
Step 2. Trace a floral design onto your chosen piece of tissue paper.
Tip: Your floral designs do not to be very detailed. A simple 4-leaf flower will do.
Step 3: Cut out the design that you drew. Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until you have 15 flowers.
Tip: Fold over the tissue paper so that you are able to cut multiple flowers each time, rather than drawing and cutting each individual flower. This will save you time and will ensure that the flowers look the same. Cut 15-20 flowers.
Step 5: Draw a small X (No larger than the size of your pencil's eraser) in the middle of your flower
Step 6: Cut along the X that you drew in step 4. By doing so, you will create a small hole in the middle of the flower.
Tip: The hole that you create only needs to be big enough for the hemp string to fit through it. Be careful not to create a large hole because it will make the rest of the project more difficult. Go slowly and only cut along the X that you drew.
Step 7: Repeat steps 1-5 on each color of tissue paper. In total, you should have 7 piles of 15-20 flowers.

Step 3: Pull Hemp String Through Floral Patterns

Step 1.Take each of the 7 strings that you cut and group it with a set of 15-20 flowers. For this, you can keep your flowers in color-coordinated categories or you can mix and match. For our example, we are going to keep them grouped based on their color.
Step 2. Pull the string through the hole that you cut in the middle of the flower.
Step 3. Separate the flowers into groups of two or three along the string, leaving about 2-3 inches between each set.

Step 4. Repeat 1-3 for each string and set of flowers until all of the flowers are on their appropriate strings.

Step 4: Glue Flowers Onto Hemp String

Step 1: Carefully place a drop of hot glue onto the center of the flower, near the string. This ensures that the flowers won’t move or slide once your project is hanging up.
Warning: The glue is very hot and can burn you if it makes contact with your skin.
Step 2: Repeat on all flowers.
Step 3: Wait for glue to dry. (About 15 min after the last flower is glued).

Step 5: Tie Loops at the Top of the Strings

Step 1: Tie a small loop-knot at the top of the strings
Tip: This loop does not need to be very large. Simply, it needs to be big enough for your width-string to run through the hole.
Step 2: Repeat until each of the 7 strings has a loop at the top.
Step 3: Pull the width string through each of the 7 loops.

Step 6: Hang Up Your Project!

Step 1: Add two nails to each of the top two corners of your window. This is where your project will hang.

Step 2: Hang Flowers up on the nails by using the two loops at the ends of the string that runs across the width of your window.
Tip: You may need to spread out the floral strings so that they are spread out, rather than bunched up in the middle.

You’re done! Your window decoration is now ready to go! This project can be changed depending on the season and the color of tissue paper flowers that you would like to include. It is also a wonderful idea to use as a backdrop against a wall during a party or celebration.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Those look great! I love how the light filters through them :)


    3 years ago

    Great project, very nicely done! :)