Florida Paper Snowman

Introduction: Florida Paper Snowman

It doesn't snow in Florida, so there's no way to make snowmen in your front yard.  Here's how you can make a Florida snowman, anyway, out of paper and tape.

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Step 1: Make the Big Fake Snowballs

Use 3 Chinese lanterns of different sizes.  Put them together to make them into big fake snowballs.  Connect one on top of the other with the biggest on the bottom and hang them somewhere.

Step 2: Make the Eyes

Get 1 sheet of orange and at least 3 sheets of black construction paper.  Make the eyes by cutting out a small section of the corner of the black paper and fold it in half.  Cut a circle into the black paper.  Snip the center to make 2 eyes.

Step 3: Make the Carrot Nose

To make the carrot roll the orange paper up into a cone.  Fold in the end of the big side of the cone as you roll up the paper.  Fold the big end so that the end of the cone is flat.  Tape it up so it won't slip.

Step 4: Tape on the Nose and Eyes

Add some tape to the eyes and the big end of the carrot to stick onto the head of the snowman, like so.

Step 5: Make the Top Hat

Get 3 more sheets of black construction paper in addition to the one you just cut. Tape 2 of the the sheets together lenthwise, and make a cylinder out of them for the tophat.

With another sheet of black construction paper, estimate where you want to cut for the brim and cut two sheets on top of one another to make 2 semicircles (one of those sheets can be the sheet you cut slightly earlier to make the eyes).  Cut radially a few times into semicircles leaving enough room for the brim.  Tape the angular ends into the center of the tophat, so that the brim sticks out.  Do both sides of the tophat.

Step 6: Put It All Together

Put the tophat on the head and get a piece of string or rubber band to attach to the top of the head so it can hang somewhere, and you'll have yourself a Florida paper snowman.  Add a kissey-poo as needed.

Step 7:

Hang near front door to scare away intruders and salespeople.

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