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Introduction: Floss Pick Ninja Star

One of the most under appreciated items that hide in my bathroom closet are floss picks. Finding a bag with a few unused picks (they only looked unused, but I was not sure...) I played around with them and created a star out of them. I only had six of them, but a bigger star can easily be made. This can be made as a nice decoration, a potential weapon, or used to create a minty air while you work. It's simple to make in a few minutes, so plenty can be made to bring new purpose to floss picks!

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    Why can’t I do it?


    loved this instructable thanks for sharing

    they do look really cool, what happens when you throw them ? maybe a dab of epoxy at each intersection would make it stronger.

    should make a bigger one with wood and rope and then paint it or something. almost like a ninja coat of arms eh?

    I like how everyone likes this so far, so please vote for me in the Bathroom Challenge!

    There are many types of floss picks, so your star could be made differently. I suggest try using more picks in your star if you can't get a good fit all the way. Sharpening the pick end could help to bend them more easily, so try experimenting.

    Hope this helps!

    Loving that! I have a couple of those picks around in my bathroom. because I never use them I have to try this. I would spray it with black or argentine color. Would look like a really ninja star.

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    Have fun then! The amount of picks you have to use can vary depending on what kind of shape they're in. Thanks for you comment!

    Pretty cool. It reminds of the paper ninja stars that my friend used to make.

    Oh my gosh this is really neat! It really transforms the look of the floss picks! Very very cool!