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Introduction: Floss Wallet

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This is a cheap ( And simple ) wallet. You can get Dental Floss from drug stores, dollar shops, and Dentist offices. They cost around a buck, but I already owned mine.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
One pack of Dental Floss
A dollar bill ( or more )
Your own bare hands

Step 2: Opening

Open your dental floss case and remove the floss that's warped up inside it. If you have no floss in there, it's ok. There might be a small white circle that the string is wrapped around. You can remove it if you want, and same goes for whatever sticker is on the front of your floss and the little metal piece near the top. ( It's ok, if you don't have the same model as me. )

Step 3: Folding

After you have removed the floss, take your bill and flatten it. Fold it up so it's small enough to fit in the case. Then, put your bill inside the case.

Step 4: Shutting

Shut the case tightly. You're done! I removed the outside wrapper, by the way.

Step 5: Info

Now this is a secret place to hide your money, and no one else will know. It's portable, so you can bring it anywhere. Add details on the outside if you want. Remember, you can do this to any Dental Floss Case!

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