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Surely the easiest and cheapest recipe in the whole world!

This recipe is very useful if you don't have anything to eat and you hate cooking. It's a typical recipe from my country (if you have any questions about that send me a message). My grandmother used to make them once a week and my other grandmother taught me how to make them to survive when I have nothing to eat!


- Flour

- Water / Milk

- Pinch of salt


- Some oil to cook it (or butter, but in my country we always use oil).


- A bowl

- A whisk / fork

- A pan

If you make add an egg the omelette will be spongier; without egg it will be crunchier. The result, with or without egg, is good in both cases. Just try the two versions and decide which one you prefer!

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Step 1: Dough

1. In a bowl, put some flour (the more flour ther thick and more difficult to cook it will be). You can start with two flour spoons and then add more if you need it after adding the rest of the ingredients.

2. Add a pinch of salt.

3. Add some water/milk (without egg is better to use milk, with egg both work well).

3.1- OPTIONAL: Add the egg.

Tip: The egg will make the mixture more liquid, so you'll need to add less water here.

4. Whisk until you obtain a paste with a texture similar to acrylic paint. You can add more milk/water or more flour if you need it. Remember that you can always add water but can't remove it, so be careful with the quantities!

Step 2: Cooking

Put some oil in a pan (not too much, just enough to prevent the omelette from sticking on the pan). Once it's hot, drop the mixture on it. Spear it all onto the pan.

You will notice that, gradually, the dough will start looking like a full moon (it always reminds me the moon you see in Georges Méliès' films). When you're sure the omelette will not break it, turn it around. You should cook it until it becomes blond with some brown spots. You can turn it as many any times as you need.

EGG: To know if the omelette is ready, prick it with a fork or something similar. If the fork is clean the omelette is ready. If not, let it cook a few more minutes.

EGGLESS: You need to cook it until it becomes crunchy.

Step 3: The Omelette

Ta-da! You have a flour omelette!

Maybe the first time it will be too thick or raw or it'll need more salt... but the second one will be perfect! You just need to practice!

Enjoy it!

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10 Discussions


4 years ago on Introduction

The parathas that I have seen are all a rolled dough.This seems more like a dosa or a pancake.It looks good,I plan to try it,good luck with the contest.

1 reply

4 years ago on Introduction

i made it with half normal flour half selfraising and a bit of sugar, turned out great!

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Not exactly, both of recipes use the same ingredients. But my flour omelette is thicker, fluffier and a bit crunchier. Also, crêpe mix is definitely more liquid (and I add some beer to it).


4 years ago

in south east asia, the eggless version of your recipe is called "paratha" and its really very common here. but will try the egg version thnx :)

1 reply

Well, that's funny. Today an Indian girl told me exactly the same. I will definitely try to make one of those parathas. I'm sure they are very good. Thanks for the tip :)

I can't really tell you. I have never tried a tortilla. But from I have seen, my recipe is probably fluffier. Maybe you can make one of these flour omelettes and let me know which one you prefer.