Flower Bun

Introduction: Flower Bun

This is a fairly simple bun design. The first time I tried it it took about 30 minutes, but it now only takes about 10. I hope you enjoy it!

What you need:

21 Clear Elastics

1 Thick Ponytail Holder

Approx. 10 Bobby Pins

3 Flower Clips or Live Flowers

1. Separate your hair into 9 sections, sectioning them off using clear elastics.

2. Form each of the 9 sections into a simple braid and gather the end of each braid in a clear elastic.

3. Gather the leftmost 3 braids and braid them together like you would in a normal braid. Place an elastic at the end of the braid.

4. Repeat with the middle 3 braids and the rightmost braids.

5. You should now have 3 main braids. Braid these three together. This may be a bit more difficult as this will be the thickest braid you create. Gather the end of the braid in your thick ponytail holder.

6. You now have one very thick braid. Fold this braid on top of itself. The loose ends of your hair should meet at the base of the braid and be exposed rather than under the braid. Secure with 1-2 bobby pins.

7. The braid should still be loose and able to move around a bit. Fold the braid over the base to move it higher on your head. the top should now be about halfway up the back of your head. Secure with 2-3 bobby pins.

8. Pin back any flyaway hair with additional bobby pins.

9. Take the three of your flowers. Pick one and place it in the top center of your bun, tucking any loose hairs under it.

10. Place your remaining two flowers on either side of the center flower, completing the bun.

Please share with others. I use this for ballroom dancing scenes in musicals such as Cinderella and it is highly effective and looks great during presentations. If it needs to be more professional, just replace the flowers with a decorative hairpiece or a printed hairband. Thanks!

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