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Introduction: Flower Candles

If you have a simple plain candle you wish to decorate, then this is the place for you. To make these flower candles all you need is a smaller candle to use for heating a spoon, a spoon, a candle, and real flowers that you will dry and flatten.
A quick and easy way to make simple candles a wonderful accessory for your home.

Step 1: Drying Flowers

The flowers used for these candles are real flowers that I picked from the garden. I placed them on a paper and then inside a book to flatten them. Make sure to have more than what you anticipate using as sometimes the flowers break or fold. I picked lots of different types knowing that some will not work well. Every once in a while I checked on the flowers and leaves, moving them slightly on the paper so they don't stick, but all in all I left them in the book to flatten for an entire day. Other than that all flowers and leaves should be dry-able as long as they are not too thick.

Step 2: Sticking the Flowers to the Candle

Next I drew up the approximate size of the candle so I could plan how many flowers I would use.

To attach the flowers to the candle is actually very simple. Hold the flower in place and heat up the inside of the spoon over a candle. The spoon doesn't have to be blistering hot but hot enough to melt some of the wax. Then use the outside of the spoon, the bottom of it, to slowly flatten the flowers onto the candle. The heat from the spoon will melt the wax below the flower within a second or two and it will dry quickly too. Then the flower will be flat against the candle and hold in place.
That's it! Keep going until you have the flower layout you want on the candle. Of course when you use the candle it may burn away some of the flower decoration but since they are real flowers it is not harmful to the environment or to breathe in.

Step 3: Finished Product - Tips

Other than letting the candles cool down well there is nothing else you need to do. Though there are some tips I can give you.
  1. I read that when you purchase a candle it is best to not use it for a year and let it 'breathe'. Apparently the candle will burn more nicely and straight down rather than lopsided.
  2. Also, be careful when using the spoon over the candle as, since it is metal, it heats up quickly and very hot.
  3. Finally, don't hold the spoon to a single spot but rather brush over the area. Otherwise you may accidentally melt too much wax on that one spot and the candle will be uneven. Though in the end it may only be noticeable to you. ;)

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    6 years ago on Step 3

    I have some flowers that have been dried for a long time. Any ideas on how to use these more "crunchy" flowers? I wonder if coating them with a light coat of wax first would work.


    I love those candles, they are decorating my side table now, thank you, my darling!!!