Flower Crown

Introduction: Flower Crown

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How to make a flower crown using things you can easily find at home..

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Step 1: What You'll Need

-Toilet paper

-Floral wire

-Coloring pen


-Hair band


Step 2:

Start by disassembling a coloring pen; What you need is the cilinder inside, put it into a cup with a water and let the color mix with the water, do the same using other colors.

Step 3:

Randomly pour drops of each color on as many tissue paper rectangle as you need then wait for them to dry

Step 4: Making the First Flower

-Start with 10-15 rectangle pieces, cut them in half.

-Trim into a petal shape as shown in the picture.

-Twist a piece of wire around the center of your stack of tissue paper. **(Remember to make the piece of wire long as you'll need the excess to wrap around your head band)***

-Fan out the petals around the center to create your flower (Tissue papers have two layers, if you want the flower to look fuller, you can also saperate the layers of each paper ).

Step 5: Making the Second Flower

Stack 5-8 sheets of tissue paper. Accordion fold the tissue papers

-Cut the edges into points.

-Fold a piece of wire around the center, twist to secure.**(Remember to make the piece of wire long as you'll need the excess to wrap around your head band)***.

-Starting on one side of the wire, fluff the flowers by pulling each layer of tissue paper up to the center.

-Repeat on the other side. Wrap the remaining wire around a floral stem and cover with floral tape.

Step 6: The Third Flower

-Fold a piece of tissue paper as shown, cut off the excess, (this should leave you with a square piece).

-Fold the piece in half two more times then cut out a heart shape also cut a bit of the bottom of the heart shape (this will make a hole in the centre)

-Twist the two end of the heart.

-Carefully open the folded piece...

-Repeat the process until you have as many as you want (you can make different sizes)

-Thread a piece of wire through the holes of as many flowers as you want.

Step 7:

Make as many of flowers as you want (different sizes/colors)

Step 8:

All that's left to do is to tie the flowers around your head band

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