Flower From Scrap Metal




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For this project, you will need:

- Some needle files.

- Hand drill.

- Gas torch.

- anvil, hammer, jewelry pliers

- copper/brass sheet, aluminium, some little bolts and nuts ( i found them all around, some from old parts, some from clothes hangers :D )

and... a lot of time.

Step 1: The Petals

I think we all know how to draw an hexagon with dividers (pic 1). From this pattern, cut the petals from copper sheet with scissors or shear. The stems looks like number 8 (pic 2).

Attach the stems to the petals and ready for soldering with the torch (pic 3, 4, 5)

Finally, we have 6 petals as pic 6 shows.

Step 2: Add More Detail With Rivets.

For decoration and strengthen the two parts (petal and stem), i use hand drill to make a 1mm diameter hole.

Cut tin string for rivets (2mm long, d = 1mm). Insert them to the hole then hammer them with a light jewelry hammer.

Step 3: The Brackets

Drill 1mm hole on the petal.

I made some brackets from aluminium clothes hangers. Attach them to the petals by hammer them.

The result is as the pic 4 shows.

Step 4: The Chalice (is It the Right Word ? )

The chalice was made by soldering 6 brackets (make from copper wire) to a 3 mm diameter pillar (pic 1).

Cut them in a half and we will have 2 chalices.

Attach each petal to chalice with a tin string.

Step 5: The Stalk

I made the stalk with a 3 mm brass bar, thread it with die tool.

There are two options to make the movement part.

Option 1: (pics 2, 3, 4, 5), it was made from copper wire.

Option 2: (pics 7, 8): made from a brass sheet.

These part were soldered to a brass nut (with threads inside), it can move up and down by rotating. That allows the flower to open or close.

From pic 9 to 11. i use tin string to make some hooks to join the parts together.

And finally, we have a simple copper flower :)

You can see the movement test in this link: https://www.facebook.com/soi.art.craft/videos/780654895403267/

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.



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    7 Discussions

    The Green Gentleman

    2 years ago

    That is fantastic! I know you prefer hand tools over power tools, and I suspect you prefer human-powered movement over electric-powered movement, but after watching that video (which is also really cool), I think you could make an amazing flower that opens and closes with the flip of a switch. It would be very, very steam punk!


    3 years ago

    Absolutely stunning, I was trying to come up with a new project and my creative juices weren't flowing. I'm going to give it a go, hopefully I can get back on track. Thank you

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. I'm working on a new project too, it's the way I pump my spirit life up :)

    Keep making !


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you, I tried to make an automata with it but I still need to read more to complete it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    that is great! Your level of detail go far beyond the skills of most.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your compliment. The making of this flower is not difficult like it looks.