Flower Lamps (Barbara + Peter)




Introduction: Flower Lamps (Barbara + Peter)

It would be nice to have one of these sitting by your night stand. The flowers and vase hide the wires connecting the LEDs.

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Step 1: Materials

2 sheets of purple origami paper
1 wire of solder
1 soldering iron
1 soldering stand
4 green LEDs
4 yellow LEDs
2 strands of black and red wire
1 ipod charger
16 2V resistors
1 wire stripper
1 ceramic vase
1 power drill
1 roll of green electrical tape

Step 2: Circuitry Setup

Tie resistors together. Tie resistors to LED. Solder resistors to LED.
Once all the LEDs and resistors are soldered, wire them in parallel.
Strip wires and and solder LEDs/resistors to wires.
Strip the iPod cable, cut the yellow and black cords.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

See http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-lily.html to fold the lilies.
Thread LEDs through the flower and wrap green electrical tape around the base of the resistors. Positive wiring should be separate from negative wiring.  This would be a good time to test the LEDs to make sure they work.
Strip the red and black cords, drill a hole into the bottom of your vase, and feed the cord through.
Drill a hole in your vase at the bottom.
Solder the red iPod cord and solder to the red wire connected to the circuit.
Solder the black iPod cord and solder to the black wire connected to the circuit.
Arrange the flowers the way you like, plug in, now you have a flower lamp.

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