Flower Pom-poms + DIY Pom-pom Maker

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I’ve always loved those fancy Japanese pompoms on Pinterest, the ones that have flower or polka dot patterns on them – they would make lovely handmade gifts for kids! The links always seem to end up at Japanese sites that look like stores and I couldn’t find a tutorial anywhere. I decided to give it a go because once I’d figured out how it works, I’d be able to make pompom flowers, animals, planets … anything out of pompoms!

You’ll need: stiff cardboard, 4 small binder clips, thickish yarn in different colors (for the background, flower, leaf colors etc depending on  your design)

You can view the step by step tutorial on one page here

(Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see the step by step tutorial on here too! ^^)



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4 years ago on Introduction

I'm a little confused... How do you fold all tabs outward??

Great blog though, and if I finally get over my confusion I'll definitely try to make one of these! ;)

I love the idea, but the blog tutorial needs even more pictures to be an Instructable. Run thru once with a single color showing just the process. Then show how to make one cool design step by step. Maybe a side by side by side: previous step, this step and the design you are copying.


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

We could do that! However, since this is not a premium account you would have to click separately on each step, right? What do you prefer? ^^

please post the step-by-step directions on here? i know that the instructables audience would be enthusiastic about you sharing your knowledge on this site.