Flower Pot Children




Introduction: Flower Pot Children

About: I love to cook and love to see peoples faces when they enjoy the foods i cook.

These little people became such a cute addition to my collection of yard crafts.

You need Clay pots of different sizes and you can create anything for your yard.

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Step 1:


10- 3 inch pot ( found mine at local dollar store during spring)

2 - size of you choice for body and head ( I choose the body to be a little larger then head)

Heavy duty nylon rope not to thick

Styrofoam blocks for crafts - this you can find anywhere even your local dollar store

some strong construction glue ( gorilla works well)

drill bit size of your cord and drill

paints and paint brushes

Step 2: Drilling Holes

At the top of the body pot (Around the rim) you need to draw and place two holes for you to make the legs.

I placed painters tape at the areas and then marked the tape with a dot to where I was going to drill the holes.(pic1)

Now carefully (your drilling clay pots now, so breakable should be first thing on your mind) Drill the holes..

Next you need to glue a piece of Styrofoam to the inside bottom of each small pot. Cut a piece to fit perfectly into the bottom of each pot and glue it in.now stack 2 small pots together and measure the bottom to the top. with that measurement you need to triple it and add an extra 3 inches.( so if you have: 4 inches you take 4 x 3 + 12 then add 3= 13 inches) This measurement is what you need to cut the nylon cord for the arms.

Then you thread the nylon cord threw the bottom of two small pot and tie a good knot at the end. might need to drill a hole threw the Styrofoam to get the cord threw so do that first. after you tie knot, thread the other side of cord threw the next to small pot bottoms first then tie another knot, so you will have 4 small pots on the cord.( pic #2).

Step 3: Attaching Arms and Legs

Finally you will need to make the legs and attach the body,head, legs and arms.

To make legs:you need to run a cord threw three of the small pots and tie a knot then take the other end and go threw the hole on top (bottom) of body pot you drilled. Make another knot and make sure it hangs like the pic above. Repeat with second leg.

Last you will attach arms to bottom(top) of body as seen in picture above, then place glue around edge of the pot and attach the head as seen in pic above.Let sit and cure to glues directions.

Now all you have to do is paint and add face the way you like add dirt to top of head and plant flowers!


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    1 year ago

    The first time I saw them anywhere. I like them, favorited and voted for you.


    1 year ago on Step 3

    I'm sorry to tell you this: I first saw this project in a tear-away sheet at JoAnn's or Michael's in 2004. I had an entire folder of flower pot crafts, collected from various craft stores. They're really adorable, but they aren't original, so I can't vote for them. You are creative, and I think you should continue doing and designing.