Flower Rainbow Gelatin and Cake Inside Surprise

Introduction: Flower Rainbow Gelatin and Cake Inside Surprise

look this amazing jelly cake

Step 1: Ingredients

gelatin 4tbs
water 1L
caster sugar 1 cup
escence (almond, lime,rose, pineapple, wherever you want
citric acid 1/4 tsp
food coloring ( this case rainbow)

cake box wherever you want

milk 1 L
1 evaporated milk
1 condensed milk
1 cup milk
21 g powder gelatin

plastic spoons
geringes about 4
half round plastic molds
one big mold and one small

Step 2: Clear Gelatin

make a clear gelatin first
mix gelatin in a cup of your water and let them rest in a fridge 5 min
microwave your gelatin about 5-10 seconds or until melted reserve
put in a microwave rest of water, sugar, citric acid and escence until are hot but not boil now add your melted gelatin and mix put in half round plastic molds and put in a fridge until hard to touch

Step 3: Make the Cake

make your cake follow your box indications and let them cold (I make half box)

cut 3 levels and asamble your cake
just cake, frosting , cake, frosting,cake , chill
and let them to later
here it's the video


Step 4: Make the Rainbow!!

make milk gelatin

mix in a pot condensed milk, evaporated milk, milk and let then warm not boil

mix 28 gr of powder gelatin and 1/2 cup of cold water let them rest in a fridge 5 min
past 5 min microwave 10 by 10 until melted and add milk mixture , divided in a molds 1/4 cup milk mixture and add food coloring to your molds

save rest to later room temperature

put color mixtures in a mold hot water to keep warm
and ready to work!!

if start make it hard just microwave 5 seconds your gelatin

Step 5: Make a Flowers

now this is the video to understand perfect how I make it enjoy

Step 6: Make a Cake

now unmold your gelatins put a bit in a hot water and unmold

see video to instructions to asamble your cake

use gelatin almost cold or you gonna melted your flowers

use center mold size your cake and filled with cold water ,

here it's the video

Step 7: Add Top Flowers

now unmold again the rest off your flowers and put in the bottom t your cake

here it's the video


Step 8: Put Your Cake. Inside

now take off the mold to the center take out cold water and put you water and make it carefully , put your cake in the center add the rest off white gelatin and chill


Step 9: Finish This Beauty

put your gelatin in a bowl with hot water a few seconds ,flip over and Tada!!! look at this beauty!!
enjoy your hard work , best ever flower cake beauty and delicious
any cuestión about this beauty comets below
have a nice day



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