Flower Seed Bombs



Seed bombs are literally small balls of air-dry clay, compost or potting mix and seeds that you can throw into an existing garden bed or a dirt patch. No digging or special care is required as the idea of seed bombs is that they germinate when the weather is ‘just right’.


1) 1 cup of dry red clay. You can purchase this from an art supply store or if you know somebody that makes pottery you have your source!

2) 2 - 2½ cups sifted compost. You want to make sure there are no sticks or other large pieces that will make it difficult to roll your seed bombs.

3) ¼ to ½ cup of flower seeds. I am using sunflowers but any flower seeds or other seeds work too or make a custom mix!

4) Water

5) Plastic gloves!!!! This is messy get the kids involved they will love it.

6) Bowl

7) Cookie tray

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Step 1: Mix Dry Ingredients

Thoroughly mix the dry clay, compost and flower seeds.

Step 2: Add Water

Slowly add water. Just a little bit at a time as you’re not trying to make mud. You just want to add enough water to make the mixture stick together when you squeeze it together.

Step 3: Roll Your Seed Bombs

Roll your mixture into small ¾ - 1 inch balls.

Step 4: Dry

Let your little seed balls dry in the sun. This takes maybe a day or less depending on how sunny it is. Yes you can make these inside, but did you remember that I said this is messy!!!!

Step 5: Wrap or Plant

You have your finished product!!
Wrap them up in nice little packages and give to friends with planting instructions or plant them yourself.

Planting Instructions – toss them on the soil. No need to bury.

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