Flower Vars From Newspaper Tube




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We can recycle used news papers to create useful items like baskets,pen holders,caps,flower vars and many mores... if you have free time you also can try to wive basket from news papers it will be very interesting.

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Step 1: Weave Flower Vars

I weaved a flower vars from paper tube.

Here are the steps how I did it.

First cut the paper to 4” pieces as shown in photo.

Step 2: Roll the Paper

Roll the piece of paper using small wood or iron rod.

Step 3: Start to Weave

Now take 6 paper tube and keep it as below,

Step 4: Size of Vase

Now start to weave the basket taking another one tube ,

turn it middle and put it under three tube and turn it as below,

Step 5: Steps

These are the image of steps for final flower vars.

1. weaved the down part of the basket about two inches.

2. turn tubs to up and continue weaving round basket till 5".

3. after finished paint it with lacquer.

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