Flower Wagon for Dog

Introduction: Flower Wagon for Dog

Do you want your dog to have an important role in your wedding? If so, you should have them be the flower "dog"! This wagon allows that to happen. The wagon attaches to a pack on your dog. As they walk down the aisle, a trail of flower petals are left behind.

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Step 1: Get Materials

1 Cardboard Box

More Cardboard (for attachments)

Real or Fake Flower Petals

White Paint

4 Wheels (Any Thing you Want)

PVC Pipes (Axle)

Tape (Duct)

A dog

Scissors (or something to cut with)

Step 2: Cut PVC

Cut the PVC pipe to your desired length. The PVC pipes are the axles so they should be proportional to the box.

Step 3: Paint Box

Paint the cardboard box white. We didn't have a chance to paint ours, but it would probably look a lot better.

Step 4: Cut the Box

Next, you will cut a rectangle in the bottom of the box. The rectangle should be closer to the back. It is better if the whole is a bigger size so then the flower petals can easily fall out. The rectangle needs to be located directly above where the axle for the back wheels will be.

Step 5: Wheels

Attach the wheels to the PVC pipes.

Step 6: Supports

For the wheels to properly turn, you need supports attached to the wagon. This can be made by four squares from the extra cardboard. The pictures attached should help you make them. Once you are done, put them on the box with duct tape. They should be evenly spread apart and the back should be aligned with the hole.

Step 7: Put It Together

Attach the wheels and pipe onto the box. Make a handle for the dog to pull it (we did it with duct tape) you can use a leash, harness and/or anything that you feel like.

Step 8: Now Get a Dog

I wasn't able to have a dog at school, so I used a person. Eventually I took the wagon home and attached it to my dog, Luna.

Step 9: Try It Out!

Now it's the time to try it out! Here's a couple of the test runs.

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    3 years ago

    Such a cute idea. Nicely done! :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!