Flower With Sewing Scraps



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This is a very easy to make flower and I did it using scraps from a dress I shortened. I love how it looks in shoes but you can also attach it to hair pins or a blazer to give it a super feminine look. You won't need a lot of fabric so it's a great way to use your sewing scraps.

Step 1: Materials

Fabric scraps

3 Circle papers (5 cm, 4cm and 2cm)

Sewing pins


Thread and needle

All purpose glue

Step 2: Cut Circles

Fold a long strip of your fabric and pin the biggest paper circle on top. You'll need 9 of these circles. As my fabric was from an old dress, there are circles of silk and other circles of cotton from the fabric that goes under the dress.

Cut one 4 centimeter circle and one with the 2 centimeter paper circle.

Step 3: Assemble the Flower

Grab one of your 5 centimeter circles, put a dot of glue in the center of it. Fold it in half and in half again.

Place another 5 cm circle in your table and put glue in the center. Put the corner of the circle we folded first in the center of this circle (picture #4). Do this with 3 more circles until you cover the base circle. Hold the center with your fingers until the glue dries off.

Do the same with your 4 remaining 5 centimeter circles on top of the first ones but in different directions to make the flower look fuller.

Step 4: Center and Bottom

Grab your 4 centimeter circle, fold it in half and roll it up in a cone shape. Glue the corner to the center of your flower and hold firmly until the glue dries off.

Turn your flower upside down and glue the 2 centimeter circle in the center just to make it look cleaner and give it more stability.

Your flower's ready!

Step 5: Attach to Shoe

To attach it to a shoe I recommend using your thread and needle. My shoe had some strings on top so I sewed it to them. This way you can take it off easily and mix and match with different colors.

Have fun!



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