Flower Box Cage




Introduction: Flower Box Cage

I have been having animals messing with my garden so i decided to make a cage for it. In the early spring i can also cover this in plastic to make it a green house. I made this with cheap wood and very simple. 
I made this at Techshop

1x2" pine wood. i bought 12 8ft sections. I have extra. but i did screw up some. 
Wood Glue
Nail gun with brads
Screen from abandon starwars bike. (Note If you don't have a abandon Tie Fighter starwars bike then maybe your loud neighbors don't need their screens. No screen = bugs. Bugs = closed windows. Last resort is to buy some.)
Staple gun with staples

Miter saw
Table saw
Pocket hole jig with bits
Nail gun
Staple gun

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Step 1: Cutting All the Wood on the Miter Saw

Qty    Length
18     Horizontal bit (Not in picture)
8        veritical bit
4        12.75" (depth of my flower box)
8        angle bit

Then once all that wood is cut take the 8 12.75" long pieces and put 45 degree angles on each end. See photo. 

Step 2: Table Saw Cuts

Take 3 of the 18" long pieces to the table saw to cut 3 0.75" wide strips. 
Save the scrap for the next step. 

Step 3: Glue and Nail the Segments

The next step is to glue and nail the segments. I did the top peak first. Then added the two that go to it. To make sure that this is the correct width apart i put the scrap on the bottom to hold it in place.I only nailed those together. 
For the two end pieces i put two cross members on. This is for a rigid structure as well as looking better. 

Step 4: Glue and Nail the Peak Cross Sections

I took the three sections i cut on the table saw and put them on three of the remaining sections that were not cut. This is to make a peak beam that is rigid. I used lots of glue and nails. Be careful to not nail all the way to the end. You will want to drill there and drilling through nails is a bad idea. 

Step 5: Pocket Hole Jig Drilling

I then drilled all the remaining 12 pieces that are 18" long. I used two holes per end. I am using a Kreg pocket hole jig. I was sure to make the side that would be visible to look the best. 

Step 6: Screw It All Together

I then screwed it all together. I used Kreg 1-1/4" long course screws. They did the trick. I didn't want to glue those joints because i move some times so i don't want to rip it apart each time. 

Step 7: Cut Screen and Attach

Cut screen to size and staple to frame.

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