Flower Magnet or Ornament From Aluminum Cans

Introduction: Flower Magnet or Ornament From Aluminum Cans

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This project is so easy. It does however take time, patience and imagination. If you got those, you got this project.
This project is for a flower magnet or ornament, but with the basic steps all the same, I have made animals, faces, suns, you name it.
Get all your stuff and let's get started!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Make sure you have all of your stuff before you begin! Not everything is necessary but can make life easier.

Acrylic paints in color of your choice
Decoupage glue (any glue will work as long as it dries clear)
Twine (for ornament)
Two clean, empty and dry aluminum cans (one will work, but it is cool to experiment with more than one)
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
Sharp scissors (I use ones that I bought at Home Depot. These are used to cut aluminum siding.)
Magnet roll and bottle top (for magnet)
Small shell (for lady bug)
Newspaper or cardboard (protect your stuff)

Step 2: Cut Cans and Shape Flower

Poke a hole in the can and cut all the way around.(Please be careful!) After cutting off the tops, go around the top edge and cut off the jagged edges. (I cut one shorter than the other so that when I put the two together it would show better.)
Cut down the can in small strips and carefully open the can. (This step can be fun! Try making wavy cuts or even pointed. Get creative. This is your design!)

Step 3: Paint!

This is the fun part. Paint your flower! Get creative again. Try mixing colors or adding spirals or swirls. Make sure you paint the front and the back of each piece. Depending on the colors, you may need to use more than one coat. (I used two on the front and one on the back.)
I also painted the ladybug in this step.

Step 4: Glue and Cover

Put your flower together. (Arrange it how you like it and remember this is your project!)
Hot glue them together and press. Also hot glue your lady bug.
Hot glue your magnet to the bottle cap and then glue the bottle cap to your project.

{I chose to paint the inside of my flower after I hot glued it all together. You can always do it before.}

Cover your ENTIRE project, front and back, with decoupage glue. If you do not, your paint WILL chip off or scratch. 

After it has dried you may hot glue the twine if you are making an ornament. 

Step 5: Finish~ Ta-da

Show it off! You made it! Now wasn't that fun?

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