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Introduction: Flower Stress Ball

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The flower stress reliever is a fun and cool project to make. This is a cheap project to make and only requires a few supplies and tools to make. You can use whatever color balloon you want your stress ball to be. Flour is used as the insides of the stress reliever. I used a larger size balloon but could make a smaller stress reliever with a smaller balloon. A funnel is not completely necessary but will help a lot filling the flour. This can make a mess so make sure to do it in an area that can be cleaned up easy. Make a few at a time. Doubling up the balloon is also a good idea.

have you seen these waterballoons

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Water balloon




working surface

Step 2: Making

Making the flour stress reliever is pretty easy. It can make a small mess so set up your work space for easy clean up. The first thing to do is start with a large balloon and blow it up. This will stretch out the balloon making adding the flour a lot easier. Once you do that take a funnel and stick it in the open end of the balloon and start adding flour. Take a pen and use the bottom side of to help feed the flour threw the spout of the funnel. You can also use the pen to pack down the flour inside the balloon threw the funnel mouth piece. Keeping adding flour till your balloon reaches a good size that you want it to be, make sure it is well packed down. Take the balloon off the funnel and tie it closed and your done. You can add a second balloon to make it stronger and less likely to rip by cutting the tip off a second balloon and wrapping it around the first balloon. These are great gifts. You can get balloons that have words on them too which also looks cool.

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    3 years ago

    how do you pack the flour down?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    i wonder what it would be like with cornstarch. That stuff is werdly squeaky.