Flowering Head_quilled Paper Decoration




Introduction: Flowering Head_quilled Paper Decoration

Create your own contemporary art piece with ethnic flavour! :) This african woman silhouette with coloured flowering hair can be used in many occasions. It can become::

A. an original wall decoration

B. a gift-box decoration

C. a lampshade for lamp or candle

You'll need:

1. 3mm and 6 (or 5) mm multi color quilling paper

2. 1 A4 of black paper

3. quilling pen or quilling needle

4. liquid paper glue

5. scissors

6. quilling board

for basic quilling shapes check here

7. your fantasy

Let's start!

Step 1: Draw and Cut the Silhouette

Draw your own silhouette or download the template (it's an A4 sheet dimension but you can scale it as you need). Make the light sign of silhouette over the black paper (it's better to sign it on the back of the sheet) and cut

Step 2: Create Quilling Forms

Create different quilling forms using the quilling pen or quilling needle. The quilling pen is very simple to use but it always leave the sign inside the shape; quilling needle is slightly more difficult to manage but the shape made with it is perfectly enrolled. For my flowering head I used mostly these shapes:

1. loose coil

2. tight coil

3. eccentric coil

4. eccentric teardrop

5. marquise

I combined the 3mm and the 6mm quilling paper to create a light relief

Step 3: Paste Quilling Shapes Together

Apply the liquid glue to paste your shapes together. It's better to use the small fine brush or toothpick. I advice to glue all forms together and then to glue it all on the silhouette, to avoid to dirty surface of silhouette. It's funny to superimpose the shapes to accentuate the 3d effect

Step 4: Done!

Paste your art piece on the clear sheet (white, yellow,...) or use it as a lampshade fixing it with double face scotch tape to basic white light lamp



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